5pcs x Juggle Dream Hula Hoops Bundle - Zebra

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5pcs x Juggle Dream Hula Hoops Bundle - Zebra
Identical to the standard JD hoop in weight and performance. The main difference between these and the standard hoop is that they have one colour of fluorescent tape laid over the contrasting black hoop body. This gives them a slightly different visual impact and looks particularly good under UV light.

Made from a wide 26mm tube, these hula hoops are ideal for those who are making their first spins in advanced hooping. A big, sophisticated step up from most toy shop hoops, these hoops are a little over a metre wide and available at great wholesale prices. Supplied as a set of 5, these hula hoops are covered in a shiny chrome tape with a basic coloured grip tape spiralling round it. The tape on these hoops is not quite as grippy as the weighted hoops (which use quality pro-gaff) but still a great, basic prop that is always popular. Supplied in an assortment of 3 different sizes with different coloured decoration

Hoop colours are random, but you'll get a bit of everything in a bundle.

These hoops are supplied as a set of 5 to ensure they reach customers in the best possible condition. A note to UK customers: Hula Hoops are funny things - awkward to box and, due to their size, too big for our normal carriers - please allow an additional 48 hours for delivery on Mainland UK. The weight indicated is the volumetric/shipping weight - true hoop weight is closer to 420g.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Juggle Dream
Diameter mm 1000
Width mm 26
RRP £15.00
SKU MIS-013-V2
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