Madrid | Madrid Dream 'BoardGame' - Drop-Thru Complete Board

Madrid | Madrid Dream 'BoardGame' - Drop-Thru Complete Board
Is this really happening? Or is it a Dream? With this rockered, W-concaved, product of your subconscious, you might as well be dreaming. Float sideways, or glide effortlessly downhill on this symmetrical drop-thru design. This complete board is ready to test the extent of your consciousness. Time to wake up and live the Dream.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Madrid
Style Mini Drop-Through Symmetrical Freeride Board
Deck Name Dream - Drop-Through
Graphic Name Board Game
Length inches 39
Width mm 9.625
Wheelbase Inches 30.125
Trucks Paris V2 180mm (Raw/Raw)
Bearings Cadillac 5.0 High Performance
Wheels Cadillac 'Cruzers' 70mm - 80a
Bushings Standard (Barrel + Cone)
RRP £219.00
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