Gora Dragon Staff Cuffs - Set of 2

Gora Dragon Staff Cuffs - Set of 2
These Dragon Staff Adapter Cuffs have been designed by Gora to compatible with most Gora staffs as well other staffs with a diameter of 25mm or less. Each cuff is mounted with 4 threaded spokes which can be either attached loosely (for practice) or locked in firmly for the confident, advanced spinner. The spokes are exceptionally strong but light. Using the cuff system makes your Dragon staff easier to transport but also allows you to upgrade other staffs you may already own. The Dragon Staff Cuffs mean that the staff moves much slower and will be best suited to experienced contact staff manipulators. It goes without saying that these cuffs can make a staff exceptionally dangerous in the wrong hands - as with all fire products, these cuffs are only available to adults and we strongly advise excessive safety precautions and lots of practice before doing your first burn.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Gora
True Weight 0.315
Travel Length NA
Wick Size 50
Style Contact
Player Level Advanced Adult
RRP £119.00
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