Gora Standard Fire Sword

Gora Standard Fire Sword
The Gora sword can be used for mock fights and spinning. The core of the sword is made of aluminium 7075, which keeps weight to a minimum while making sure there is no risk of bending or breaking during normal use. The handle is padded with spongy EPDM rubber. The handle is separated from the burning surface by a silicone disc. This protects the handle and reduces the chance of burns to the user. Please note, Silicon is heat resistant, not fire proof. Do not hold the sword in such a way that the silicon is above the flame for any extended period.
- Take care during transportation. Heavy impacts on the side of the blade may cause damage.
- Using hotter burning fuels such as benzene or white gas will reduce the lifetime of the kevlar and may damage the silicone disc.
- The sword is not designed for full contact fighting and will not survive the impact of strong blows.
- Use very carefully! This is a dangerous prop designed to be used only by skilled contact staff spinners. Only ignite the prop if you have the necessary skill and ability.

Please read the Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase. It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Gora
True Weight 0.7
Travel Length NA
Wick Size TBC
Style Sword
Player Level Advanced Adult
RRP £49.99
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