INDY 39" DT Bamboo Complete

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INDY 39" DT Bamboo Complete
INDY present their beast of a drop-through - This board has been lovingly crafted from quality bamboo to give the perfect rigid/lightness ratio. Carefully machined to accommodate wide RKP trucks to ensure an efficient, table (and fast) ride, this board lends itself to graceful free-riding and downhill. Two subtle kicktails and a concave platform give you all the control you need to kick it while rolling. The shape of the board will accommodate larger wheels for people who like a fast-set-up. This board is supplied without Graphics so you can enjoy the beautiful bamboo woodwork on the under-side.

Supplied with:
Luxe 180mm Reverse Kingpin Trucks
Divine Road Rippers 70mm/78a Wheels
Cadillac Precision Bearings
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand INDY
Style Drop-Through
Length inches 39"
Width mm 9.5"
Wheelbase Inches 34"
Bearings Cadillac 5.0 High Performance
Bushings Black Luxe
RRP £169.99
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