Kryptonics | 36" 'Birds of Paradise' Drop-through Longboard

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Kryptonics | 36" 'Birds of Paradise' Drop-through Longboard
The Birds of Paradise longboard from old-school board company Kryptonics features a drop-through design and innovative deck shape to give rider's superb turning and carving abilities as well as awesome stability. Featuring well matched components including reverse kingpin trucks and soft urethane wheels, this entry-level board is versatile and appropriate for all kinds of riding styles. Every Kryptonics board is supplied pre-built and ready to ride straight away.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Kryptonics
Style Dropped Platform Board with drop-through trucks
True Weight 2.4
Deck Name Drop-Down
Graphic Name Birds of Paradise
Length inches 36
Width mm 9.75
Trucks 180mm Kryptonics Composite Trucks
Bearings ABEC 5 Kryptonics
Bushings TBC
RRP £89.95
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