Kryptonics 30" Fat 'Early Bird' Cruiser Skateboard

Kryptonics 30" Fat 'Early Bird' Cruiser Skateboard
Although this complete is a little on the chubby side, that doesn't mean it's not packed full of action. Kryptonics have designed a complete board that works as a safe, stable platform for riders looking to cruise the city. The maple deck has conventional trucks and street style wheels (poured from a much softer urethane for a comfortable ride). A gentle kick gives riders the option to get a bit more technical or 'pop' their way way around town. The top layer grip is colour matched to the underside to keep things looking fresh. All Kryptonics boards arrive complete and ready to ride.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Kryptonics
Style Wide Directional Cruiser
True Weight 2.4
Deck Name Cruiser - 9 ply maple
Graphic Name Early Bird
Length inches 30
Width mm 10
Trucks 5" Kryptonics Street Trucks
Bearings ABEC 5 Kryptonics
Bushings TBC
RRP £51.99
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