Kryptonics 22" Locker Board 'Skull Rays' Skateboard

Kryptonics 22" Locker Board 'Skull Rays' Skateboard
Younger Riders - get ready to get gnarly! This shrunk down street board has everything you need to start learning the basics of balance and skateboard tricks. A 9 ply maple deck with budget orientated components will let youngsters hone their skills as well as being appropriately sized to stash in your school locker. The Kryptonics Locker Board comes with spooky 'Skull Rays' graphics.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Kryptonics
Style Minature Popsicle Street Board
True Weight 1.75
Deck Name Locker Board - 9 ply
Graphic Name Skull Rays
Length inches 22
Width mm 5.75
Trucks 3.25" Kryptonics Street Trucks
Bearings 608ZB Kryptonics
Bushings TBC
RRP £19.99
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