Kryptonics 40" Block Tail 'Tonal Plank' Longboard

Kryptonics 40" Block Tail 'Tonal Plank' Longboard
The Block Tail is a twist on a classic Pintail design by the design team at Kryptonics Skateboards. The 'Tonal Plank' graphics are subtle but stylish, and complete the look of this over-sized cruising machine. A snubbed tail and an elegant tear-drop shape give the Block Tail a distinctive look and help set it apart from the crowd. An affordable, attractive option for a skater looking for a full-sized transporter style deck.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Kryptonics
Style Large Snub Nosed Pintail
True Weight 2.4
Deck Name Block Tail
Graphic Name Tonal Plank
Length inches 38
Width mm 10
Trucks 180mm Kryptonics Composite Trucks
Bearings ABEC 5 Kryptonics
Bushings PU 85A
RRP £99.95
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