Madrid Picket 'Slant' Cruiser Complete Longboard

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Madrid Picket 'Slant' Cruiser Complete Longboard
Resembling a post from your neighbor's white picket fence, no one will protest your right to skate this little ripper once they see what it is capable of. Reshaped for 2017 with a larger standing platform and kicktail that packs some serious pop, the picket is our board of choice for mobbing around town and handling business.

The Picket deck shape used to be Madrid's simple cruiser model - functional and simple, but with few thrills for more technical riders. With their 'Slant' release, Madrid have completely reinvented the line. Keeping that stylised shape but giving the board new under-foot ergonomics and packing more action in to the tail and nose, means this board is as capable of hitting obstacles, getting air and being thrown in to ledges as it is offering a comfortable cruise. A premium maple deck has been treated to Madrid's signature 'flypaper' grip tape. the tail is generous enough to give airborne riders proper leverage for flip tricks but the nose keeps the feel of the board properly retro. The undercarriage comes in the form of smart black trucks with just the right amount of action for younger riders to properly carve without compromising on the ride for more mature riders. The wheels are 60mm Madrid Smoothride wheels in a soft, 78a urethane formula. These wheels offer a smooth, comfortable ride on a variety of surfaces - excellent acceleration and better top-speeds than most street wheels - they're also light enough to not affect the aerial action of the board. To summarise, the Picket Slant is the complete package of action-orientated street board-meets-super sophisticated cruiser. Available in two killer colour ways.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Madrid
Style Cruiser
Deck Name Picket
Graphic Name Slant
Length inches 28.5"
Width mm 8.25"
Wheelbase Inches 15"
Trucks Paris Street Trucks 108mm
Wheels Madrid SmoothRide 60mm/78A
Bushings Venom Bushings
RRP £134.99
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