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April 2017

05/04/2017 14:09

This month saw the release of some exciting additions to the JWS Europe Catalogue. Arriving from Spain, the complete selection of Trompos Space Spinning Tops have given our Skill Toy selection a real edge. Hitting every price point, from pocket money to Pro, the series offers a dynamic range of shapes and Bearing Tips to allow players to master and develop their skills of this fascinating toys. Using Models such as The Saturno, Pegasus, Jupiter and Mercurio a whole plethora a hige range of trick opportunities will become possible. The whole range is presented in Smart presentation boxes.

From France we have the Wonderful selection of Inside3 Puzzle Cubes. These are 'blind' labyrinth style puzzles, presented in a series that gets sequentially harder and more frustrating. Players release the ball from it's window chamber and use the neat maps embossed on the side to naviagate the dark corridors, twists, turns and dead-ends of the cube - hopefully you make it out the other side! As a taster of the range, we reccomend trying the Easy Novice Model and the Easy ZERO Series model - once you've tried, we're sure you'll be hooked.

Developed and manufactured in the USA and exclusive to JWS in Europe, we're happy to present Pele Wicks - These innovative fire prongs allow any hoop (or tube based prop) to be modified in to something much more exciting! Available in 3 different sizes to accomodate most size hoop tubing - they use a smart folded wick design to keep exposed material higher (for bigger flames) and keep the weight managable. 

As always, our full selection of props and toys is available to registered trade customers - interested in sourcing our products for your shop or business? Why not get in touch. 







Posted By Jack D

New Website

16/12/2016 12:40

Welcome to our new website.
Posted By Yoni Radcliffe
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