Qu-Ax QX 36" 'Q-Axle' Profi Disc Unicycle

Qu-Ax QX 36" 'Q-Axle' Profi Disc Unicycle
Introducing the latest evolution of the 36" Marathon model from Qu-Ax unicycles. developed as part of the QX range, this is super light (Shimano) disc-braked unicycle with the innovative new Q-Axle-system. In terms of being an awesome long distance riding machine it ticks all the boxes - durable, light, rigid and an excellent choice for commuting. Superior craftsmanship has been used throughout. Highly recommended, highly engineered.
Additional Information

Additional Information

True Weight 7.7
Brand Qu-Ax - QX Series
Saddle QX Eleven saddle, designed by Kris Holm
Seat Post alloy seatpost with reinforcement gusset, Ø 25,4mm
Clamp QX-series alloy double-clamp
Frame alloy Flatcrown frame, black
Hub System Q-Axle
Hub Setting Q-AXle
Crank light QU-AX Q-Axle dualhole-cranks 136 / 145 mm, ti-grey anodized
Rim QU-AX double-walled rim, alloy, 36-holes
Tyre TA-tire, 36″x2.25″ (52-774)
Pedals QX-series [lucent] pedals
Player Level Advanced
Style Long Distance / Commute / Tour
RRP £534.99
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