Qu-AX 'QX Series' Muni 20" Shortneck Unicycle

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Qu-AX 'QX Series' Muni 20" Shortneck Unicycle
This is the most severe, hardcore Trials model that Qu-Ax have developed under the QX brand. If you want to offer a deluxe Trials model to your customers or have a local unicycle scene that's orientated around extreme street, trials and trick riding this is the Holy Grail. All QX series models use the very best high end components. If you're looking for the best - this is where to look...

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Qu-Ax
Saddle Qu-Ax Street/Cross saddle
Clamp QX-series alloy double-clamp (white)
Frame QX-series alloy frame (shortneck - black)
Hub System ISIS-hub (48 holes - hollow axle - yellow)
Crank ISIS CrMo-cranks (127 mm - black)
Rim BX45 double walled alloy rim with eyelets (48 holes)
Tyre 20" x 2.5" Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyre
Pedals QX-series PVC pedals
RRP £356.29
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