Circle Society - STREET Adjustable Quad Roller Skates - Tuxedo

Circle Society - STREET Adjustable Quad Roller Skates - Tuxedo

Circle Society is the new roller skate brand from the designers and owners of Kryptonics. They have been specialising in high quality rolling products since the 1960s and have been market leaders ever since.

Circle Society Quads are completely adjustable: The front two thirds of the boot can slide forward and backwards via an innovative button/sliding mechanism. Each boot can have four size permutations. This allows the skater to adjust the boot for their ideal fit, but also means the boot will grow with them. Circle Society Quad skates will allow for the growing feet of their users and ensure they get the best value for money possible.

Each boot is constructed from PU Leather and oozes quality. They are so cool, riders will become the envy of the street. Available in a selection of super-bright colours with soft padded cuffs and tongues for superb comfort.  

Choose between UK Jnr 11 - 2 or 2 - 6

Not only does this enable the rider to use the boot for several years, it also means that the boot could be shared two or three children with different sized feet. These are gorgeous boots itself and appropriate for indoor and outdoor.

All Circle Society Quad skates come mounted with ABEC 3 Bearings. These tough, shielded bearings will give you ample, controllable speed for both the pavement and roller-rink.

Circle Society Quad skates come mounted with 54 mm x 32 mm 82A smooth wheels. These are poured from premium urethane and ensure every ride is smooth and loaded with traction. This soft formula urethane will let riders crush everything under their feet as well as providing grip on all surfaces.

On the underside of the Circle Society Quad skates is a dynamic truck set. Poured from a light yet strong plastic, these ensure the weight of the boot is right for children as well as the turning geometry. Pre-Loaded with soft, urethane bushings, the Circle Society trucks will allow riders to easily turn by leaning left or right.

Both left and right Circle Society boots come mounted with a solid front stopper. This can be used as a brake, but also allows riders to remain stationary between cruising sessions.  

The Smaller boots features 14 eyes for the laces, whilst the larger models have 18. This ensures that each boot fits like a glove, with proper support and pressure where needed, without unnecessary stress on specific parts of the foot or ankle. By mirroring your foot shape, these boots give a secure fit for a better riding experience.

Circle Society quads are designed with a slight 20mm heel which leans the rider forward. As well as putting the rider in an easier skating stance this also dramatically reduces the chance of the rider falling backwards.

On the back of each Circle Society skate is a finger loop to let you either hang your skates up, or pull them on to your feet with ease. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Circle Society
RRP £59.99
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