Venom Thug Passion Wheels - 65mm / 80a

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Venom Thug Passion Wheels - 65mm / 80a
65MM THUG PASSION wheel are a smaller version of the Venom stone-ground Fishscale Formula freeride wheel. Their characteristics are fast rolling and smooth sliding. At 65mm diameter the Thug Passion wheel set is ideal for mini cruisers and wherever weight and wheel-bite clearance are a concern. These wheels have been made from the famous FISHSCALE FORMULA - Developed exclusively for Venom at a new facility, the Fishscale Formula is a complete departure from the team at Venom have tried in the past and has exceeded the team's expectations for roll speed, durability, grip, and slide smoothness. MADE IN USA and supplied as a set of 4 wheels.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Venom
Diameter mm 65
durometer 80a
Hub Setting Slightly off-set
RRP £45.00
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